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A Century Of Great Service

Nearly a 'century' old, we are the professional plumbing and environmental services company that businesses in Georgia, and throughout the South, have come to trust; a company known for exceptional service, and excellence in all that we do.

Hulsey EnvironmentL - Serving North Georgia since 1918!

In 1918, John Burl Hulsey, Sr., a former WWII U.S. Navy pilot, began a small plumbing company in the North Georgia community of Gainesville, in Hall County. Hulsey Plumbing earned a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy plumbing operation; becoming one of the most trusted names in North Georgia. Years later, that small plumbing company, now owned and operated by John B. Hulsey, Jr., has grown and expanded into one of the most trusted providers of commercial and industrial plumbing services in the industry. In addition to professional commercial plumbing services, Hulsey Environmental Services, Inc. now delivers a comprehensive package of environmental services, including:


Hulsey Environmental - Serving North Georgia for nearly 100 years!

  • commercial and industrial waste management
  • commercial & industrial septic installation, pumping & maintenance
  • collection & processing of used cooking oil
  • wastewater collection & treatment
  • grease pumping, hauling and disposal
  • restaurant services
  • grease-trap installation, pumping and service

Hulsey has also developed a proprietary method for developing  environmentally sustainable solutions for the treatment of commercial and industrial waste. In every area of our growth, Hulsey maintains the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, striving to provide quality workmanship, and the highest level of customer service, while taking actions to promote a healthier environment for future generations.

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We are Hulsey Environmental Services, Inc.
Our goal is to earn your business, and your trust.

Our Team of Dedicated Professionals


Our Team

Comprised of experienced industry professionals, our talented team is please to have the opportunity to serve you.  When it comes to our people in the field, their pride is in their workmanship, and their goal is to provide the best service available.  LEARN MORE

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Hulsey is always on the lookout for new talent. Our success as a company depends on the strength of our team. We work closely with our employees to build an innovative, creative and rewarding work environment. 

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