Waste Treatment and Disposal

Treatment is serious business, especially for food or beverage processing plants. Many municipalities are trying desperately to plug budget deficits or deal with rising energy costs, by introducing higher fees for companies that are out of compliance in regard to wastewater treatment ordinances.

Adding additional fees is a no-brainer for politicians, it covers their spending deficits while winning big points with advocacy groups for the ‘green movement’. But even ignoring the cost associated with being out of wastewater treatment compliance, the PR nightmare of having your company leaving a negative impact on the environment can damage your market irrevocably. The Sierra Club for example is 1.4 million people strong.  These activist influence policy but are also consumers and influential business leaders and even celebrities.  Beyond the weight of government mandates and fees, there is a consumer which will decide to buy or not buy your products based largely on the perception of your company’s public image; including your wastewater treatment policy and environmental footprint.

That’s where Hulsey Environmental and ECO-H processing comes in.  We offer an array of capabilities that can bring you into compliance with Federal, State and Municipal Ordinances. Our professional and certified Environmental Technicians can reduce your Biological Oxygen Demand problems and bring you into compliance, saving you money, and protecting the environment and your company’s public image as a sustainable entity. Call today for a free consultation to find out exactly what Hulsey Environmental can do for you.

Regardless of what your wastewater treatment needs happen to be, the goal is always the same: removing solids from your wastewater and producing a clean and nontoxic effluent. Wastewater is unavoidable wherever humans choose to settle, but with our array of  treatment systems we can minimize the environmental impact of your company, bringing you into full compliance with government mandates while saving you time and money.

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