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Yellow Grease, also called WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil) or sometimes called simply fryer oil, is a restaurant by-product consisting of a mixture of plant and animal fats. Hulsey has an extensive and sophisticated restaurant used grease recycling program that reclaims FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) to be recycled into feed stock and bio-diesel fuel. Used restaurant grease is stored at your facility in a cooking grease bin provided by us at no charge. We pump your used cooking oil container as scheduled (always on time, always dependable). We then transport the used restaurant grease to one of our nearby facilities, where the used cooking oil is then recycled.


We deliver your used cooking oil container for FREE
We pickup and dispose of your Used Cooking Oil for FREE
We may even pay you a rebate for the grease we collect!
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Used Cooking Oil Pickup, Removal & Recycling Service

We specialize (but are not limited to) restaurant grease services. Hulsey Environmental Services provides used cooking oil pickup and we sometimes pay for large volumes of used vegetable oil used in food processing plants, poultry processing plants and supermarkets – almost any business that produces cooking oil waste or used fryer oil.

Hulsey Environmental offers restaurant grease pickup, storage, removal, recycling & disposal and will pay competitive vegetable oil rebates for practically any grease rendering from any source.

Hulsey is more that just a waste vegetable oil company. When we collect and recycle restaurant cooking oil we ensure the used fryer grease is always processed in an environmentally sustainable way. Your grease never goes into the ground or into municipal waste sites, as it may with other waste vegetable oil pick up services. The yellow grease we remove is used in processes that make the air cleaner for you and your children — and keeps the food chain in balance.

Signing up with Hulsey for grease pickup and processing of your recycled vegetable oil will be good news for your business and your community.
Hulsey’s proprietary antitheft technology keeps our sealed containers and your waste vegetable oil safe.
We offer monitored scheduling to avoid oil bin overflow and messy conditions at your establishment.
Should you have an emergency with your current provider, Hulsey Environmental offers Emergency Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – We’re always available to serve you!

We also pay for referrals resulting in business contract for vegetable oil bulk supply from sources we do not already do business with. Contact a sales rep for details.

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